Handyman Service Guide for Residents of Oneida County

It has become extremely difficult for me as a landlord to find the right handyman service in Oneida County. Most of the times I choose to have the service; I get the feel of being ripped off most of my financial assets. I am so much dependent on the handyman for fixing small problems at home that I end up paying high prices like $ 100 an hour as I have few choices left. Now, that I have quite an experience hiring handyman service I can list out certain criteria to be taken into consideration before hiring a Handyman.

Make a complete list

Make sure you have a list of things that needs to be fixed, be it as simple as the repair of a calling bell. Go around your house make a note of all minor and major repairs. If something excludes the list and is added later, you will end up paying a whopping fee for just a couple of extra hours of work.

Don’t make upgrades mid-project

Always avoid making any up gradation or inclusion in the middle of the given task. You would rather mess up things and of course pay extra for any small inclusion in the list.

Agree on finished-by date with monetary penalties

Always make it a point to put down the date of completion clause in your contract, as most of these handymen will not show up to complete the job on time, leading to unnecessary delay and tussles between both the parties.

Prefer paying on per job basis

It is always good if the handyman services are paid on per job basis, at least one can relax and be assured that the handyman is not wasting on your time and money.


People feel negotiating is very cheap and a very down market attitude. However, when you hire a handyman service it becomes compulsory for you to negotiate and keep their fees to the fire. They charge exorbitantly and agreeing to their terms without negotiations will make you a fool.

Put it in writing

Never keep any communication verbal, always make it a point to put things in writing, it may be in any form like text message, email or a letter. It is always smart to have a record of everything in writing.

Mention Explicit details

Make sure you have made note of every minute, exact information. The details are important, failing which you may have to regret later.
Having said that certain principles need to be followed while you hire handyman services, it becomes utmost important to be realistic as well. This is why Husband is a labor free option.
Though husbands do some repairing and building work like my husband who has built a 17 feet schooner out of plywood and concrete, yet he cannot be made to do all the core repairing, mending and renovating works.


Never compare your salary with that of the fees of handyman services

You can never compare the benefits, luxury and salary that you draw out of the master’s degree you have earned to that of the unskilled workmanship of a handyman. You cannot calculate as an economist and think of reasonable bargains.

No Micromanaging

You can never compare yourself with the hired help. You always have a salary position and other benefits unlike the extended help you have. You have a problems, tell the handyman, ask him for a quote and get it done at his convenience.

All said and done, ultimately one needs to remember that the handyman is earning for a living like all of us. A little compassion, kindness and consideration towards him will not do any harm. It’s good to be professional, but not too harsh and rigid. Understanding his problems and a little adjustment and modification of your attitude towards him will not do any harm.

hope these tips help you to gave a better understand when it comes to work with a handyman!

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