The Oneida County Board of Legislators is the governing, appropriating and policy-making body of Oneida County.  It has the power to levy taxes, adopt budgets, incur debt, fix compensation, and approve local laws and resolutions. Its powers and duties derive from the Oneida County Charter and code, and the laws of the State of New York.  The Board currently has 29 members representing the citizens of Oneida County.

2008 Board Communications, Agendas & Enacted Legislation
2007 Board Communications, Agendas & Enacted Legislation
2008 Current Committee Meeting Schedule

2008 Meeting Schedule

2008 Roster

2008 Standing Committees

Rules of the Board of Legislators
2007 Enacted Legislation



District Number linked to District Map

Frank Puma D-1

Michael J. Hennessy D-2
Edward C. Stephenson D-3

Norman Leach R-4
Michael B. Waterman R-5 Les Porter R-6
Frank D. Tallarino D-7 Richard A. Flisnik R-8
David K. Wilcox R-9 George E. Joseph R-10
Martin J. Kernan D-11 Michael J. Clancy D-12
William B. Goodman D-13 Michael D. Damsky R-14
James M. D'Onofrio R-15 Brian D. Miller R-16
Pamela N. Mandryck R-17 Chad Davis D-18
Stephen Roefaro R-19 Gerald J. Fiorini R-20
Edward P. Welsh R-21 Shannon Scott D-22
Rose Ann Convertino D-23 Emil R. Paparella R-24
Larry Tanoury, Jr. D-25 Daniel N. LaBella D-26
Joseph M. Furgol D-27 David J. Wood R-28
Patricia A. Hudak D-29

2008 Oneida County, New York, USA