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Wednesday, June 5, 2020

Michael Gapin, Commissioner
Oneida County Planning Department


The Oneida County Department of Planning and the Department of Public Works have unveiled plans for an expected increase in demand for parking, as the Department of Motor Vehicles moves to Union Station next week.

"The Department of Motor Vehicles will begin operations at Union Station shortly," said Oneida County Executive Ralph J. Eannace, Jr. "At that time, we anticipate a marked increase in the need for parking at Union Station. In order to insure that appropriate and convenient parking is available, our Planning Department, working with our Department of Public Works, has developed a parking plan for lots adjacent to Union Station and the attached Railway Express Agency Building."

Eannace said the parking plan was developed to insure an orderly system of parking for the public and for county employees located at Union Station.

"There are three designations for parking," Eannace said.

Short-term parking. Parking for less than 90 minutes.  Behind Children's Museum, and lot on the corner of Main Street and Railroad Street, across from Union Station.

All-day parking. Lots are located to the west and south of the Gaffney Building (across from the Children's Museum), and behind the Railway Express Building (REA), east of Union Station.

Parking areas for county employees and vendors at Union Station are also designated. There are also a number of 90-minute on-street parking spaces around the facility. There are 13 designated Handicapped Parking spaces also available.

Eannace said brochures and maps showing parking areas will be distributed by all businesses and offices at Union Station. The information is also available at by clicking on the Union Station icon.

Eannace said the County Board of Elections will also move to Union Station, joining the Public Defender's Office, Probation Department, and County and Regional Planning Offices already located at Union Station.

A copy of the map is attached, for your information.