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Monday, August 6, 2007 

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Picente: County Funds Emergency Generator For Florence Volunteer Fire Company

County Executive Anthony J. Picente today announced that the Florence Volunteer Fire Company will receive a grant of $7,000 to buy an emergency generator to ensure that the fire department can provide critical services even when storms disrupt power to the department’s fire station.

“The Florence Volunteer Fire Company fills a major role in protecting the people of northwestern Oneida County ,” Picente said. “When any type of a disaster strikes, the department is the first responder people turn to for help. That means it must be ready to roll at any time, particularly in the event of a massive disaster that disrupts power in the region.”

Picente credited Oneida County Legislator Michael Waterman for working with the firefighters to bring the Department’s need to the county’s attention. “For the fire department, the need for power goes beyond lights or heat,” Picente said. “ Mike Waterman made a strong case that all of the facets of dispatching units to the scene of an emergency rely upon electricity – from contacting firefighters to opening the fire station bay doors. Having emergency power at the fire station can ensure that residents without heat have a safe, warm place to stay in case of an extended emergency situation. Our Homeland Security funding exists to strengthen the front lines of our emergency responders. In this case, through Mike’s support and advocacy, we are able to add to the protection offered by the Florence Volunteer Fire Company by enhancing the ability of these outstanding community volunteers to protect the people they serve.”

Picente noted that the new generator will enhance the department’s new fire station. “Volunteer fire departments are an important part of our rural communities and play a vital role in the protection of our rural residents,” Picente said. “The community served by the Department has done so much to support this building project and increase the Department’s ability to provide essential services that I am proud to work with Legislator Waterman and the people of northwestern Oneida County to make a great facility even better.”