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Monday, July 16, 2007 

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Picente: County Seeks to Help Communities
Auction Surplus Items on e-Bay

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr. today announced that the County is offering to work with local governments by extending to them the opportunity to take part in the County’s highly successful program of selling surplus items on e-Bay. This would allow the area towns, villages and school districts to make money off of surplus items that are no longer needed and must be disposed of.

Oneida County has been using e-Bay as a way of selling county surplus items and has been very successful in doing so,” Picente said. “As part of my continued effort to share services I’d like to offer our assistance to local communities by saving them the time and effort of setting up their own e-Bay accounts and, instead, work with us to sell their surplus items on e-Bay.”

Picente said letters have been sent to local governments offering them the opportunity to work with the County to sell items.

Oneida County has been selling items on e-Bay since July 2004 and has built up a following of loyal customers. The more we sell the more customers we get – just like every other business,” he said, noting that County Government already collaborates with Oriskany, Westmoreland, Whitestown, Kirkland, Whitesboro, Utica and the Remsen School District.

Oneida County has shown the extent to which items we thought were useless are worth money to someone,” Picente said. “We would be very happy to work with our local governments and schools to sell their items that are no longer needed, saving the costs of disposal and bringing in a few dollars as well.”

Picente said that e-Bay sales are just one way to reduce the cost of government and bring in additional revenues. “If we save a few dollars on disposal costs gain a few dollars in revenue and spare our local governments the time and effort needed to sell items themselves, then we have a deal where everyone wins,” he said.

This is consolidation of efforts and sharing of services in action.