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Wednesday, September 5, 2007 

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Picente: County Plans Reconstruction Project To Improve Middle Settlement Road

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. today announced that Oneida County is planning a major road improvement project on Middle Settlement Road between State Route 5 and Clinton Street in the town of New Hartford .

Middle Settlement Road has become a major traffic route that connects suburban residents with the region’s retail corridor in New Hartford,” Picente said. “The existing road was designed when this was a more rural area, and is not adequate to provide the traffic flow and safety that is now required. Because we need to be pro-active in upgrading our infrastructure, I am having our Department of Public Works move forward with the process of securing the needed levels of approval so that we can secure state and federal funding for the project.”

Picente said that although no formal cost estimates have been received, the project is expected to cost around $2.5 million, with up to 95% of the money coming from state and federal aid.

Picente said Middle Settlement Road , also known as County Route 31, experiences traffic congestion due to the commercial development that has occurred over several years.  The pavement has deteriorated and needs repairs, and drainage improvements are needed.  Additionally, the roadway contains no sidewalks to accommodate pedestrian traffic in the corridor.

Picente said the project would reconstruct and widen Middle Settlement Road , improve drainage, add sidewalks and address two curves just south of Clinton Street that do not meet current guidelines.

Picente said the approval process will begin with the county’s submission of a project plan for the work to the New York State Department of Transportation, the Herkimer-Oneida County Transportation Study and the Government Policy and Liaison Committee for review, approval, and addition to the Local Transportation Improvement Plan (LTIP) and the State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP).  Then the project can go to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for review and approval. If approved, the project would be eligible for 80% Federal aid and up to 15% State aid.